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ADRESS: Kostyurinsky Lane, 2, Kharkiv

CALL US:+38(050)171-10-17

About us

Gastro Bistro Tangierine

is the place where we cook unusual and delicious food quickly.

We juggle with tastes, recipes of traditional Kharkov dishes, something very new, conceptual and familiar from childhood. In our huge menu, everyone will find a dish to their liking: from healthy lifestyle pieces to street food, from juicy meat to incredible vegetables. For creating uncommon flavours we use fresh products, some of which are brought from local farms, but we don’t ask our clients to pay a fortune for the result.

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by phone number...+38(050)171-10-17

By the way, all the yummy from our menu you can order with delivery...


What are we proud of? A large craft oven in which we cook an unforgettable borsch, handmade sourdough bread and simmer some dishes.

A large craft oven

Tasty ukrainian wines


Everything can be to go

Velvety hummus with tomato


🌿Velvety hummus with tomato sauce and crisps 240


Seabass with creamy quinoa

150 ₴

Seabass with creamy quinoa and oven-baked pumpkin 250


Chicken breast in Asian sauce

120 ₴

Chicken breast in Asian sauce with baked broccoli and apricot 300


Poke with chicken leg

95 ₴

Poke with chicken leg quarter, poached egg and sesame sauce 300

Spicy 🔥

Hot dog with homemade sausage

75 ₴

Hot dog with homemade sausage and airy bun 200g

Муд-стріт фуд

Salad with veal

150 ₴

Salad with veal, juicy cherry tomatoes and spicy dressing

Spicy 🔥